Abel 10 NCAA Footbal

Week 2 Predictions

Posted Tue Dec 16, 2014 - 04:26 PM

Tyler - Mississippi State @ Baylor - Justin
Yet to see Tyler play with Mississippi State. Regardless, its very easy to argue that they are the top team on paper. Tyler saw a lot of improvement at the end of last season and if he can force Justin to make mistakes Mississippi's team will be too much to overcome.
Tyler wins 42-21

David - Michigan State @ Auburn - Josh
A lot of people had their doubts about Josh coming into the season. He ranked 8th in the preseason poll after a winless season. However, he has improved immensely and has a decent team to work with. Josh will be a forced to be reckon with towards the end of the season, but as long as David doesn't make mistakes he will be too much for Josh. Josh will start out strong, but he will end up falling towards the end.
David wins 42-17

Andrew - Ole Miss @ Landon - Oregon
A re-match of a playoff game. In the league they have a 1-1 record against each other. In the regular season, Landon mercy ruled Andrew, but Andrew came back in the playoffs to knock out Landon in the first round. Both of the teams are pretty evenly matched, however, Andrew offense is pretty one dimensional. If Landon can stop the run, he will run all over Andrew with Oregon's offense. Until Andrew can develop a solid passing game he will get beat out in these close games.
Landon wins 35-31

Alex - Alabama @ Dylan - Florida State
A re-match of last season's championship game. Alex is coming off a solid win over Justin, while Dylan struggled to get past Josh in week 1. The key will be minimizing mistakes and finding ways to make stops on defense. Momentum will be crucial to the outcome of the game.
No score prediction.

Pre-Season Rankings

Posted Sun Dec 14, 2014 - 11:04 PM

1. Alex (8)
2. Dylan
3. David
4. Landon
5. Andrew
6. Tyler
7. Justin
8. Josh

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